The Whitechapel Ripper Must be Stopped

A madman on the loose, driven by dark urges and uncontrollable violence. 
A hero, lost in the grip of addiction. 
The greatest and most desperate criminal investigation in history.
Who will save us from Jack the Ripper?

The most terrifying, explicit, and realistic Sherlock Holmes story ever told. 

Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes provides readers a rare look at the lives of the victims, the monster known as Jack the Ripper, and the characters of Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved stories. All are presented in a fresh and entirely new way. A entirely new realistic way.

They are the elite covert unit of the government. Their mission: Hunt and eliminate terrorists across the galaxy, by any means necessary. A four man team, including one very large, very shaggy, alien called Monster, they are Grendel Unit. 
But everything is not what it seems, and the system they serve, and kill in the name of, turns on them. 
Now, the operatives of Grendel Unit will fight back to regain their freedom, and honor. The galaxy is outnumbered, they just don't know it yet. 

An epic sci-fi military saga from Bernard Schaffer, filled with jaw-dropping action, brilliantly realized settings, and gut-busting humor.

GU Novel New.jpg

A rich novel filled with images of bull-fighting, the ghost of Ernest Hemingway, and desperate love. 


"Quite a feat," (Goodreads)


"A bittersweet, heartbreaking romance that just happened to be wrapped up in a story about a writer trying to be a writer. Very nicely done, more than a few well-turned descriptives, and despite an assertion to the contrary, with more than a ring of truth to it" (Goodreads)


"I loved this book. Although he clearly states that this book is not "true", it screams truth! It feels like the bearing of a soul. I think Papa would be proud." (Goodreads)


"There is so much power in the words of the author, I had to highlight some of the passages that I loved to reread later." (Amazon)

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