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If someone were to ask, "Can someone explain what is happening with the police recently," it's Bernard Schaffer. -




Now Mandatory Reading in Police Academies, FTO Programs, and Universities! The NUMBER ONE Law Enforcement Philosophy Series.


Written by Full-Time Police Detective, and Author Bernard Schaffer, whose new hardback novel THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT will be available from Kensington Publications in bookstores everywhere.  

Whether you're a hard luck grunt working the street or a white shirt administrator who'd need a GPS to find it, Way of the Warrior is for you.

Equal parts biography and instructional guide, Way of the Warrior focuses on the core of the individual officer: the warrior spirit. It discusses how to successfully uphold the law and not lose your mind in the process.


Contains Must-Read Information On

  • What it Means to Protect and Serve

  • Training and Equipment

  • The Eight Golden Rules of Criminal Investigation

  • The Unsolvable Problem of Police Work

  • Police Suicide

  • The Culture of Law Enforcement Organizations

  • And Much More!

WINNER of the Audiobook Reviewer's Choice Award! (Nov 2017)

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