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The Snake Series

Paperback Editions Available Exclusively at Walmart!

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Ash Sinclair is an old man who’s outlaw days are over. He’s living in exile, until he learns that someone has killed his son + is holding his grandson for ransom. Now, it’s time for them to see the true Face of a Snake.

The latest thrilling installment in Ralph Compton's bestselling Gunfighter series.
The law only caught up with the Venom Snakes and their bitter rivals, the Red Trail Gang, because they were so busy killing each other.
Now, after twenty years in prison, Ashford Sinclair is broke and broken. Without his gang behind him, the once fearsome leader of the Snakes is reduced to eking out a solitary living as a fur trapper. One day, news comes that his son William has married the daughter of Henry Odell, erstwhile leader of the Red Trail Gang.
Furious at his son’s betrayal, Sinclair vows he’ll never speak to him again. But when William is murdered in a land dispute and a gang of hired guns starts threatening his grandson next, Sinclair has no choice but to join forces with his most hated enemy—as the two outlaw grandpas ride for justice!

A sheriff in search of forgiveness faces off with a preacher who hates the sin AND the sinner. . .
The Yates Gang, led by its charismatic leader, William Fox, operates by a code. They'll harm no women or children, they'll give half the money they steal to the poor, and they'll kill any lawman, banker, or trainman who tries to stop them.
Then a robbery gone bad sends the gang on the run. Fox knows their days are numbered, so he leads his men to a distant town called Crowsfall, Kansas, where they can reform themselves and start fresh. He'll be the town sheriff, and atone for his past by offering a second chance to those who would normally hang.
But Crowsfall has drawn the attention of another man interested in redemption. Full of righteous fury, sinister cult leader Reverend Jessup intends to purge Crowsfall of all sin—and declares war on the outlaw-turned-sheriff and the entire gang.


In the latest thrilling installment in Ralph Compton’s Gunfighter series, a cult leader embarks on a murderous mission.
A Native American woman has been abducted and Indian Police Officer Edwin Folsom is determined to find her. Although despised by his people for working for the U.S. government, he is descended from a long line of proud native warriors, and he vows that the kidnapper will pay dearly.
Witnesses say the victim was taken by a group of white men in thrall to a holy man, but John Deacon is anything but holy. He has led The Cult of Penitence to this valley in Oklahoma looking to avenge himself on the man who gave him the scar disfiguring his face. Enraged to learn Ash Sinclair is dead, he concocts a deranged new plan: one that requires the blood of Sinclair’s young grandson, Connor.
With local law enforcement arrayed against him, Folsom has only Sinclair’s family to help him stop Deacon before his insane ritual is completed…

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