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The Rise of the Old West, Again

On a distant planet, at the farthest reaches of the universe, the Old West has risen again. It is a place where outlaws, natives, and gunslingers roam the dusty canyons on massive horse-like creatures called destriers, doing whatever it takes to survive. 
An intergalactic marshal crash-lands near a small settlement called Seneca 6, and he's not alone. He's got a murderous gang member in his custody. Time is running out, because the rest of the gang is on their way, and they're going to kill every living thing they find when they get there. 
Lucky for him, Seneca 6 has a few interesting residents who won't go down without a fight. 
Jem Clayton, the son of a murdered sheriff, has spent most of his life on the run. Now, with the marshal at his side, he'll find a reason to let his guns blaze. 

At the end of Guns of Seneca 6, Jem Clayton had hung up his outlaw ways and was ready to settle into a new life in his old hometown. He'd even hired on as the Sheriff, taking up his father's old office at the town's entrance, right near the security fence designed to keep out intruders. It isn't so easy for people to give up their old lives though, and sometimes, their old lives come looking for them.


While Jem is hunting a new bandit calling himself Gentlemen Jim, the Beothuk natives are scrambling to defend themselves from a new threat. One that comes from within. The Colt Defeaters are about to start firing, so get your guns ready and saddle up. It's time to ride.

Doc Halladay is back and his guns are blazing! 

The gunslinging, gambling, hard-drinking scoundrel is out for vengeance in the newest installment of Guns of Seneca 6. 
Immaculate Killers is set between the events of Old-Time Lawmen and the first book, featuring everyone's favorite cantankerous cold-blooded killer, Doctor Royce Henry Halladay. 

Doc Halladay's on the hunt for his nemesis, Johnny Starr and his posse of twisted highwaymen. It won't stop until one of them is dead. Hell, it won't stop until all of them are.

Also Available in a Special-Priced Collected Edition

This collection contains all three novels in Bernard Schaffer's epic sci-fi western series, as well as some never before seen extras

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