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“The past that alternating chapters present reveals a far different story than official records.

Schaffer, a former police officer, imbues the character-driven story with realism and heart-pounding suspense.” 

“I was hooked on the story right from the start. Once you start reading, you won’t even notice the time passing. I read it until 2 am to finish it, as I couldn’t put it down.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed An Unsettled Grave, and I will keep an eye out for the author’s further books in the series.” 

“A chilling, wildly entertaining thriller. Schaffer’s wry, often critical musings on police life lend authority to the story. An Unsettled Grave is one of those well-rounded thrillers that acknowledges the good, bad and ugly of the American justice system, giving us an insider peek into county policing through the eyes of Carrie and Rein. It balances past and present, considering both with an unsentimental but not insensitive eye.”

"Entertaining and intriguing and definitely a story that may give hope that actual cold cases, even those as old as 30 years past, will eventually be solved."

"The first in a violent, but well-paced new series, and I find myself looking forward to seeing what’s next for Santero and Rein."

"An Unsettled Grave is the second in the Santero and Rein series, and I hope for a third book soon."

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