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Many moons ago, before I embarked on a career in the traditional publishing world and became respectable, I was a gunslinger. A garage band. An indie filmmaker working with homemade special effects and hiring all my friends and family to be in the cast. Yes, friends, I was a self-published writer.

And sometimes, I miss it.

It was complete artistic freedom. My only constraints were how fast I could write. Any genre was mine to explore. If people didn't like one book, it didn't matter, because there were four more coming their way.

When the Santero and Rein Thriller Series books came out, I removed all of my indie work because I was worried that it couldn't compete with the work I was doing at a professional level. Those new books had entire publishing houses behind them with editors and art designers and my indie stuff had just been little old me and my computer.

But still, I look back on those days with great fondness, and some of the stories I told back then still live within me, even if no one else could read them.

Until now.

I decided to pick one title from my early days to revisit and remaster. I wanted to do something fun. Something carefree. Something I could really sink my teeth into and most importantly, something I could give to people either for free or as cheaply as possible.

Recently, Amazon has introduced a platform for serialized storytelling called Kindle Vella. I'm assuming the "Vella" part is short for novella. It's essentially their version of Wattpad and some of the other sites where writers can post their work and share it with the world.

The story I've decided to redo is GRENDEL UNIT: 4 against 1.

The first two installments are available now, for free. I believe I can list the third one for free as well, and after that, it will cost tokens of some kind for readers to continue. I believe the tokens can be gotten for free as well.

So, if you're looking for something new from me, or something to pass the time, I'd love it if you gave the Grendels a try. They're crazy, they're funny, they're deeply committed to their cause, and they are absolutely lethal to anyone who threatens the innocent. Even when it's the government they work for.

If you do read it and enjoy it, please give it a like, or a follow, or a thumbs up, or whatever other kind of thing they offer. I think it helps the story become more visible when you do that.

Take care, and keep reading!

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