Learn The Art of Criminal Investigation

This April, author and police detective Bernard Schaffer will be teaching a month-long online course in The Art of Criminal Investigation for the Sisters In Crime Guppies.

It's a very in-depth course, with some of the most exciting and fun classwork assignments you will ever encounter. It's all original material, created by me, for the purpose of teaching you how to solve crimes.

Here is a description of just some of the assignments you will be completing as a student in this class:

  • Students will answer questions given during a standard police interview, including several theoretical scenarios.

  • Students will respond to a scenario based question regarding a suspect who comes into your police station and wants to confess.

  • Students will be given a scenario in which they decide how to attack the target of a criminal investigation.

And much, much more!

To sign up, students must be members of the Sisters-In-Crime and the Guppies. To join those organizations, follow the below listed steps.

1: Join the Sisters in Crime: https://www.sistersincrime.org/page/join-now

2: Join the Guppies: https://sincguppies.wildapricot.org/join-us

3. Sign up for The Art of Criminal Investigation Course: https://sincguppies.wildapricot.org/events

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