A Week in the Life 8/11/19

Afternoon, all. Hope the end of yet another week finds you well. It's a clear Sunday afternoon here in the outskirts of Philadelphia and the weather is just 69 Degrees F. That's practically arctic compared to what we've been having.


I started a blog this week called Hot Tub Crime Machine. It's a multi-author platform pertaining to all fans of crime, mystery, and thriller genres. We'll be talking movies, writing tips, interviews, and whatever else we find entertaining. Take a look and see what you think.


I appeared on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. Very cool. We talked about writing, police work, the way women have inspired my writing, and then I was asked a question I've never been asked before. If I was murdered, what fictional character do I want to investigate what happened?

You can hear my answer here. It's a good interview. You'll enjoy it.


This was a fun week at the Bernard Schaffer Book Review Crew.

We usually run contests for exclusive prizes, but this week, everyone was a winner. I sent members a copy of the extremely-rare Santero and Rein short story The Fuming Chamber. This story bridges the gap between THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT and AN UNSETTLED GRAVE. The few readers who've read it love it, and I'm happy to share it with more people.

If you haven't joined the group there yet, you need to.


Yesterday I finally got to visit the Mechanicsburgh Mystery Bookshop. The MMBS is famous for being one of the best genre-oriented bookstores in the world. I was invited to participate in the Murder As You Like It Mystery Conference.

It was a great event and a real honor for me to be there. If you're ever in the Cumberland County PA area, make sure you stop by.

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